Testing a purchase

Once you have created a product, you can run a test purchase of it (or a "fanciful pretend-y fun buy" if you're so inclined) to see what your customers will experience when they buy from you.

You can use this feature to verify that you have the correct variants and custom fields in place. Don't worry, you will not be charged for anything you buy from yourself while logged into your account. We have made this process as simple as possible, so creators don't have to actually charge, then refund themselves.

First go to your product's Preview page, and enter your information into the payment form as if you were a buyer. We have included a test card, thusly displayed, so you know that this is not a real sale.

Yes, we know, there is no PayPal option. Because remember, you're not actually paying for your own product. 

When your "purchase" is complete you will receive emails notifying you of your sale and purchase. This test sale will not be displayed in your Customers tab alongside other, real sales.

Want an even stronger dosage? If you want to actually see what your customers will see when they purchase from you, go to your product's Preview page and either log out of your Gumroad account or copy the link into a new Incognito/Private browsing window of your internet browser.

Why You Shouldn't Pay For Your Own Products

Identity thieves will sometimes use payment platforms (Gumroad, Paypal, etc.) to test stolen credit cards - charging themselves on different cards to see which ones can be used for fraud. When you create a product on Gumroad and start charging your own credit card for it, it appears exactly the same as money laundering to our security systems, and your account may be automatically disabled as a result. In the past, users who have encountered this have said that they were merely charging themselves to make sure their payments would work, and that they could, in fact, receive money from Gumroad.

If you are concerned that your bank account or PayPal will not be successfully paid out by Gumroad, please notify us so we can verify that everything is working. Do not attempt to work around the system - just ask! We're nice, we swear!

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