Is Gumroad For Me?

Gumroad is for artists and creators: writers, designers, software developers, musicians, educators, filmmakers, and anyone in-between. If you make stuff, you can sell that stuff – using Gumroad. With Gumroad, you can sell to your audience in a few different ways:

And if you're curious about the customer experience, you can read about that here

Can creators outside of the United States use Gumroad?

Yes! We support direct bank deposits in the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia – with more coming soon. And we also support payouts to any country where you can receive payments through PayPal.

(We pay all the necessary fees to move money into your PayPal account. From there, PayPal may deduct fees for withdrawals. Learn more about getting paid here.)

Simple setup, powerful sales

Once you create an account you can start selling products on Gumroad in a matter of minutes.

With Gumroad, you're not limited to selling just digital downloads either. You can sell rentals, physical products, pre-orders, membership products that charge recurring fees, and even full-fledged software using license keys.

Customers can buy directly on a single product's page, or on your Creator Profile page, where they can buy multiple (or all!) of your products at once. 

And, as mentioned before, even if you don't have products to sell, you can use the Audience feature to build a mailing list and generate enthusiasm for your work. When you're ready to get selling, just publish your product, send out a link to the world, and wait for the sales to roll in.

Grow beyond your core audience with Discover

With Discover, we help you grow your current audience, so you can find more people who care about you and your work (and maybe even find your next superfan). Discover works by recommending your products to prospective customers that browse Gumroad at

Products purchased via Discover are subject to an additional 10% fee to our existing fee

This additional fee will only be applied to purchases made by customers who haven’t purchased from you before. The fee for products sold by you directly to your audience or otherwise outside of the Discover feature will remain the same.

Understanding your customers

We strongly believe a purchase on Gumroad is the start of a relationship, not the end of one. When you sell a product on Gumroad, you’ll be able to access your customer’s email address, as well as where they purchased from.

With Consumption Analytics, you can see how your customers are interacting with your work. You can use these insights to enhance your work and build a loyal customer base. Learn how to make sense of (and benefit from!) this feature here.

Customer management made easy

We make it easy for you to issue refunds, send updates to your audience, create automated email workflows, offer discount codes, and more. You can read more about interacting with your customers here.


The security of our creators and our customers is our number one priority. All credit card information is processed in a PCI-compliant environment that was certified by an independent auditor.

Every purchase on Gumroad takes place on an encrypted HTTP Secure connection. We will only store sensitive information if a customer creates an account – and only to make future purchases a snap.

Your customers' download links are also secure. The download links expire after one use, and require verification before another download happens. We tag customers' computers to make sure that they only have to verify their identity if they are on a different computer than the one they bought the product with.

For authors, we offer PDF Stamping, and if you're a filmmaker, check out our Rentals and Streaming-only features.

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