Why choose Gumroad?

Gumroad is perfect for anyone who makes and sells products. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, SaaS developers, educators (and all in-between) can sell on Gumroad to a worldwide audience.

Simple setup, powerful sales

Once you create an account, you can start selling products on Gumroad quickly.

Just choose a product type and start creating:

At the top left, there's text encouraging the user to

Once your product is live, send your audience to your Gumroad profile page or place products on your website to start selling.

Managing customers and sales

Gumroad allows you to interact with your audience through emails, drip content, growing followers, and access to sales data.

Not only that, it’s easy to issue refunds, update product content, create discount codes, and add affiliates. Read more about interacting with customers here.

Grow your audience on Discover

Your Gumroad profile and website aren’t the only places where you can make sales. With Discover, your products can appear on our site-wide marketplace. Discover works by recommending your products from search and getting you more customers beyond your typical audience.

The image displays a section of a website that is focused on audio content, specifically referencing interviews, meditations, and true crime thrillers. At the top, a red banner with the word

A secure purchasing environment 

All credit card information is processed in a PCI-compliant environment certified by an independent auditor.

Every purchase on Gumroad takes place on an encrypted HTTP secure connection.

Your customers' download links are secure and require email verification if repeatedly used.


Gumroad seller fees are simple. We only charge a fee when you make a sale – no extra monthly charges. 

Get Paid

As long as you are able to receive money through PayPal, you can use Gumroad. Residents of some countries are able to receive weekly payouts to their bank accounts.

If you are unable to receive money through PayPal because PayPal doesn't work in your country, then we have no way to pay you, as we don't have alternate payment methods for people in this situation right now.

Need help getting from $0 to $1?

Check out any of our following free resources:

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