Gumroad's fees

Since October 1, 2021, a new simplified fee structure is applicable to all creators selling with Gumroad! 

You can find all the details on our Pricing page or keep reading for a thorough rundown of our new fee structure:

The fees you pay will be determined by your lifetime earnings, starting with 9%, which lasts until you make your thousandth $1. Then, it drops to 7%, then 5%....all the way down to 2.9% + 30¢, the same as you'd pay Stripe if you used them directly.

Lifetime Revenue Earnings Gumroad Fee
$0+ 9%
$1,000+ 7%
$10,000+ 5%
$100,000+ 3%
$1,000,000+ 2.9%
+$0.30 on each transaction

"Lifetime earnings" is calculated from the day you started selling on Gumroad and is equal to Product sales + Sales as an affiliate (if any) - Gumroad's Fee - Any refunds/disputes - Affiliate's share (if any).

That's it! No monthly fee, no Free/Premium accounts - you get access to all creator features without any restrictions, and you pay less as you grow. Nice and clean!

We take out fees on all sales greater than $0. In other words, if you are processing money on a sale, then we are taking a fee. If you don't make money (i.e. if your product is free), we don't make any money.

Your fees pay for the (virtual) lights to remain on at Gumroad and for Gumroad's staff to enjoy their lavish lifestyles. The fees cover, among other expenses: credit card and PayPal processing fees (meaning you do not have to pay those), file hosting costs, email server costs, chargeback fees, refund fees, and all fees associated with risk. 

There has been some confusion in the past about this, so to make things as clear as possible: We take out our fee on every sale as it happens. We do not take out our fee on the lump sum of your weekly sales. 

If you wish to see the exact fees taken out on every sale, you can do so by exporting a CSV of your sales, which gives a full breakdown of every sale. 

PLEASE NOTE the switch between your fee tier update will happen after each payout (not immediately after you hit a milestone). After each payout, our system will re-calculate your earnings and if it hits a milestone (eg. $100K), it will trigger a tier upgrade and send you an email notification! 

PayPal Fees

The fee structure described above applies to sales that go through a credit/debit card or Apple/Google Pay. For sales using Paypal, the fee structure is slightly different. 

The fees starts at 7% + PayPal's fee (which varies for every country), then drops to 5% + PayPal's fee after you earn $1,000, 3% after $10,000, 1% after $100,000 and goes to 0.9% + PayPal's fee after $1,000,000.

Gumroad Discover

Discover recommends your products to prospective customers that browse Gumroad at, as well as in the receipts and download pages of related products. 

Products purchased via Discover will be subject to an additional 10% fee over our usual fee. This applies even if the customer has purchased from you before. If they buy a product from you through the Gumroad Discover search, or through a receipt link, or via the Gumroad Library, or through any kind of referral aspect of the Discover feature, their purchase will use the Discover fees. 

You can turn off the Discover feature in your settings menu


There are no additional fees for affiliates. The only fee taken out of your sale is the commission you designate for your affiliate. 

Additional fees?

The fees that we take on your sales are final and complete. No extra fees from us that hit you later.

When we pay you out, we pay all necessary fees (to both PayPal and Stripe) to ensure that you receive all the money that is in your Gumroad balance. Beyond that, you may be charged fees by PayPal for depositing money into your bank account. 

Deprecated Fee Structure - only applicable to older accounts

Please Note: This section is NOT applicable to you if you joined Gumroad after Aug 30, 2021 or did not opt-out of the new pricing structure. Some creators might have opted out of our new-pricing structure so this section just serves as a refresher to them, until they eventually switch to the new pricing.

There are two types of accounts under the old pricing structure:  Free accounts, which was the default account creators had when they signed up, and Premium accounts, which creators upgraded to by paying an additional monthly fee. 

For free accounts, the fee we take on each sale is 8.5% + $0.30 (USD) for every card-related sale. For sales made via PayPal, we'll charge a 6% processing fee; PayPal will have their own fees too. 

Gumroad’s premium features start at $10/month (the amount increases as you get more customers), and the fee we take on each sale shrinks to 3.5% + $0.30 (USD) per card-related sale. For PayPal Connect sales, we'll charge a 1% processing fee; and again, PayPal will have their own fees too which varies country-to-country.

Upon cancellation of your premium plan, you will automatically be upgraded to our new (free) pricing.

Here's a graphic of what the differences between the two plans look like:

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