The Settings Menu

The settings menu is the soul, guts, face, and rage-filled lizard brain of your Gumroad account, safely housing your personal information but also providing your customers a glimpse into your personality. This article will attempt to briefly explain what goes into the sausage that is this menu, linking to specific articles whenever necessary. 

While you can make sales on Gumroad without filling in most of the information in the settings menu, it's a good idea to fill everything out to your liking before you start adding products. Once sales start flooding in, you'll likely be too busy backstroking through gold coins to adjust your settings menu, so get the boring stuff out of the way first!


Any time you change something in your settings menu, be sure to click Save or Update to ensure all changes are made permanent.


When you give yourself a username on Gumroad, you'll be rewarded with a Profile page and a Follow page. The differences between them? Why of course:

The Profile Page is where all of your products, once published, will live. On your profile page, you can:

  • Link your Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Give yourself a "bio" and a profile photo.
  • Change your background color, or upload an image (or video) to your background, which will live on your profile page, product pages, and your products' download pages.
  • Stylize your profile page and choose which of your products are displayed to the public.

You can learn oodles of more fun things about the profile page in this Help Center article.

The Follow Page is designed to be a landing page for you to share with your family, friends, blog readers, social media followers (etc., etc., ad nauseum). On this page you can collect email addresses, build yourself an audience, and start generating interest in your products (or providing your fans with special offers and incentives to buy your products). More on the "audience" feature of Gumroad here.

Language & Time zone

Choosing a language here only affects what you see in your creator dashboard. It does not affect what language your customers see when they land on one of your products. Gumroad will automatically change its forms to the default language of your customers' browsers, so if you want your product descriptions, product titles, or receipt text to be in a specific language, you have to type it in that language manually. 

In other words...

If you want your product description to be in Spanish/French/German, etc. YOU have to write it in Spanish/French/German, etc. That means if you have a product that comes in English and Spanish versions, you will want to create two separate products for your different customer bases, and market them accordingly (for example, English speakers online really love it when you misspell things or use poor grammar). 

The time zone you select will affect how you view your sales figures on the Gumroad dashboard, and, if you create a pre-order product, what time zone that product's release date will be set to.


This is the email address that you will use to login to Gumroad, and receive sales notifications or specific product information regarding other Gumroad creators, if you choose to buy products from other creators on Gumroad.

Your Support email is the email address displayed on your customers' receipts. If you are looking to keep your identity private from your customers or simply keep your inbox nice and clean, set up a separate support email here.

Sell in...

This is where you can set the default currency for all of your future products. Just be aware that Gumroad charges your customers in USD, at the equivalent rate of the time of purchase. So, for example, if the exchange rate today is £1 = $1.50 (USD), and a customer buys a £2 product from you, we will charge them $3 (USD). 

If you live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan,or Hong Kong please take note that the American Dollar is the only currency on Gumroad designated with the simple $symbol. All other dollar currencies have their full currency indication on products. Thus, if you want to sell a product in Australian dollars, it will have to be listed in A$. 

Because we charge in USD, some customers may incur international transaction fees, depending on the policies of their dastardly card providers. Just have them email us directly and we can reimburse them for this.

Sales tax

If you live in the United States and know that you need to remit sales tax in certain states, then choose those states here. Otherwise, simply ignore this box, much like the billions of ghosts that surround us at all times. 

Please read through this article on sales tax before selecting any states.

If you live in Australia you will see a box to set the appropriate tax rate, applying GST to all sales made to your Australian customers. Enter your tax ID.This will show up in your customers' receipts. 


If you have purchased a product on Gumroad in the past and selected the Keep on file box on your payment card, your billing information, encrypted and kept in our PCI compliant netherworld of code, will appear here. You can change your payment information at any time - from credit card to PayPal and back again.

This section is also where you can Upgrade your account to Gumroad's premium services. Go here to verify that you're upgraded.


With Discover, we’ll help you grow beyond your friends and core followers to a much wider group of people who care about you and your work.

Discover works by recommending your products to buyers of related work after they’ve made a sale. Products by creators with Discover enabled will be recommended on receipts and download pages, and will also be searchable at

Products purchased by new customers via Discover are subject to an additional 10% fee. This additional fee will only be applied to purchases made by customers who haven’t purchased from you before. The fee for products sold by you directly to your audience or otherwise outside of the Discover feature will remain at 5% + 25¢ per transaction.

If Gumroad is just a small tool in your toolbox and you’re fine with your audience growth strategy, no problem. Simply go to your settings page and disable Discover.

Learn more about Discover.


Your payout page is where you form the sacred bond between Gumroad and your pocket.

If you live in the United States or Canada, you'll need to fill out identity-verification information in order for us to pay you via direct deposit (it's the law, unfortunately). You can learn more about this process in this Help Center article

If you live outside of the United States and Canada, you can only be paid out via PayPal. Learn more about Payouts here


If you ever need to change your password, you can do that here. 


If you are using a third party application that requires access to your Gumroad account, you will see those applications and their authorizations in this page. 


Your advanced settings are where you can: 

1. Integrate Gumroad with your Google Analytics. Learn more about using Google Analytics in this Help Center article. And check out this blog article thoroughly explains how to use Goals in Google Analytics alongside Gumroad. 

2. Integrate Gumroad with other third party analytics tools. Check out this help center article for more detailed instructions on that marvelousness.

3. Use Gumroad's Ping service to help automate certain post-sale tasks. 

4. Utilize Custom CSS snippets to further stylize and customize your product, profile, and follow pages. Learn more about Custom CSS and get some snippets for yourself in this article.

5. Enable license keys that will help you with selling software 

6. Create an application to tap into Gumroad's API

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