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Any time you change something in your settings, be sure to save changes by clicking the Update Settings button at the bottom of the screen to ensure all changes are made permanent.

User details

Your Gumroad username is used for your creator profile - your profile URL will be <username> This page is where your audience can view and purchase all your products, posts, and follow you by providing their email IDs.

The email address you provide here is used to log in to Gumroad, and also receive sales notifications and receipts from any Gumroad products you buy. 


You can customize notifications you wish to receive via email or push notifications through the Gumroad Dashboard app. Don't want to receive email notifications for every $0 purchase? No problem, toggle off notifications for "Free downloads!"

Support email

Your support email is the email address displayed on your customers' receipts. If left blank, your customers’ replies will go to the email provided in the "User details" section above.

Language and time zone

Choosing a language in your settings only affects what you see in your creator dashboard. Gumroad automatically changes to the default language of your customer's browser. So, if your customer’s browser defaults to French, they will see the payment form in French. 

This does not mean your product description, product's name, receipt text, or any updates you send out will be translated to French. Anything you type into Gumroad will stay as it is. If you want to create a product in French, you will have to give it a French title, a French description, a French receipt, etc. Or, as the French would say, "etc. etc. (while holding a cigarette)"

The time zone you select will also affect your sales and following dashboards.


The Sell in… drop down menu allows you to choose the default currency for all of your products. This is purely aesthetic. Gumroad charges your audience in USD at the equivalent exchange rate at the time of purchase. For more information on how we handle currencies, check out this article

If you live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, please take note that the American Dollar is the only currency on Gumroad designated with the $ symbol. All other dollar currencies have their full currency indication on products. Thus, if you want to sell a product in Australian dollars, pick A$. 

Sales tax

If you live in the United States and know that you need to remit sales tax in certain states, then choose those states here.


Your payout page is where you add the information that allows you to get paid from the products you sell on Gumroad. If you live in any of our direct-deposit countries, you'll need to fill out identity verification information for us to pay you via direct deposit. If you live outside those countries, you can only be paid out via PayPal.

You can read more about the payouts settings page here.


If you live in a country where PayPal Connect is enabled, you can connect your PayPal account in the Payments tab. This allows customers to buy your products using PayPal. 

When you connect your PayPal account directly to Gumroad: 

  • Customers are able to buy your products using PayPal. 
  • Every time a customer buys your product with PayPal, you receive their payment instantly
  • You will be able to handle disputes, refunds, and partial refunds directly with your customers 

If you do not connect your PayPal account, you may notice a drop in conversions as, on average, PayPal purchases make up 20% of all sales on Gumroad. 

You can read more about PayPal Connect here.


If you ever need to change your password, you can do that here. 


Your advanced settings allow you to: 

  1. Connect a custom domain.
  2. Integrate Gumroad with your Google Analytics.
  3. Integrate Gumroad with other third party analytics tools.
  4. Use Gumroad's Ping service to help automate specific post-sale tasks. 
  5. Enable license keys that will help you with selling software. 
  6. Create an application to tap into Gumroad's API.
  7. Turn off cookies and third party trackers
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