Your Gumroad Pages

There are three main places your audience will find you on Gumroad:

  1. Your creator profile - where your products for sale are
  2. Your follow page - your email newsletter subscribe form
  3. Your product pages - the pages of each of your products individually

Your creator profile

Your creator profile is your Gumroad home base. You can use it to introduce yourself to people (through a profile image, bio, and further customization), build your audience by collecting email addresses, and showcase your work as you start adding products.  

Your creator profile is located at, where username is replaced with your unique username (which you enter in your settings). 

To add a username and set up your creator profile, visit or click the profile button in the Gumroad toolbar. Then, you can add a profile image, write a short bio, change the background, and choose a call-to-action.

Once you add products for sale, they will be displayed on your profile too.

Follow page

Your follow page is located at, where username is replaced with your unique username. 

You can use your follow page to grow your audience by building your email list. Unlike your profile however, the products that you publish do not get added to your follow page.

Your follow page and your profile can have different messaging. While your profile may feature a general bio that's relevant to everyone who visits the page, your follow page is a good place to get specific about a project you're currently working on.

Product pages

If you want to focus your audience’s attention to a single product, you can use your product page. You can find the URL of your product page from your product dashboard or while editing your product. You can also edit this URL and share it directly to your Facebook, Twitter, or on your website.

You can even customize your product page by making edits to the style, purchase flow, and receipts.

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