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Your Profile is your Gumroad home base. Think of your Profile as a hub that grows with you as you build an audience and launch products. You can use your Profile to introduce yourself to people (through a Profile image, bio, and further customization), to build your audience by collecting email addresses, and to showcase your work as you start adding products.  

Your Profile is located at, where username is replaced with your unique username (which you enter in your Settings menu). We recommend sharing your Profile URL wherever you have an online presence (and therefore an audience!). Add it to your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook bios, link to it in your email signature, etc.

To add a username and set up your Profile, visit or click the Profile button in the Gumroad toolbar. Then, you can customize your Profile by adding a profile image, writing a short bio, changing the background, and choosing the right call-to-action. Learn more about customizing your Profile here.

When you're just getting started, your Profile will look a lot like your Follow page. People interested in your work can choose to follow you by sharing their email address with you.

Once you publish a product, it'll automatically get added to your Profile. As you add Products, your Profile can function as a lightweight storefront. 

Follow page

Your Follow page is located at, where username is replaced with your unique username. To visit your Follow page, just add "/follow" to the end of your Profile URL.

Like with your Profile, you can use your Follow page to grow your audience by building your email list. Unlike with your Profile however, the products that you publish do not get added to your Follow page. In other words, before you've published any products, your Follow page and your Profile will look similar. After you've published products, these products will appear on your Profile but not on your Follow page.

Your Follow page and your Profile can have different messaging. Consider using your Follow page if you want to build an audience around a particular project, rather than around yourself as a whole (your brand as a whole). While your Profile may feature a general bio (e.g. "Author and illustrator of books and comics for kids and post-kids. Sign up for updates on what I'm working on!") that's relevant to everyone who visits the page, your Follow page is a good place to get specific (e.g. "I'm writing 600 page novel about the highly charged politics of Ancient Egyptian celery farming. Join the fun!") about what you're currently working on.

Product pages

You can choose whether to send people to your landing page (e.g. if you just want them to be able to follow you), to your Profile (if you want them to be able to follow you and see the products you've created once they're there) or to a Product Page (if you want them to focus their attention on a single product).

Learn how to find the URL of a specific product here

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