Consumption Analytics

What are they?

We built Consumption Analytics into your Gumroad dashboard to help you know your followers better, and learn how they are interacting with your content.

How long does it take someone to finish your book? How many of your readers make it halfway? Which chapter resonates the most? What part of your documentary is re-watched over and over again?

On a product and product file level, and in real time, you are able to see how many people are reading, watching, listening to, and downloading your stuff. 

How to navigate the page

To get to your (hopefully booming) statistics, go to your Following Analytics Dashboard. It's the Analytics link in your Gumroad navigation bar.

From there, you can select a date range at the top of the page to hone in on how your files are being consumed. Please note that all of our data collections for this feature began in September 2015, thus any consumption data prior to that is—much like the majority of works by Plato and Aristotle—lost to time (so consider yourself in good company!).

Keep in mind!

This feature will be undergoing tremendous improvements in the future (adding support for MP4, MOV, MP3, and WAV files, for example), and we will have more data to present to you, our beloved creators. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the Total number of downloads will include individual customers clicking "download" on certain products or files multiple times, for whatever reason. So, for example, if your customer Jimmy S. Badluck buys your product and clicks "download" on it right before his computer's hard drive explodes, and then downloads the file on a new computer before losing that computer in a coffee-spilling calamity, he will account for 2 downloads (and possibly more in the future). The point is, don't be alarmed if the number of downloads is higher than the total number of customers on a product. 

Test purchases

Yes, test purchases will show up in your Consumption Analytics, so please also take into account the times you have bought your product through its Preview page on this. 

Glossary: Understanding the numbers

Totals - This refers to each time a customer consumes your content, and includes multiple opens and downloads by individual customers. If you are selling one product and it makes 40 sales, and everyone downloads the product two times each you will see 80 total downloads for that product. 

Uniques - These stats are counted only once for each customer that consumes your content. Thus, if you have 40 unique customers and they each download your product twice, you'll only see 40 downloads for that product. 


All - The Consumption Analytics for all of your products, across all files. 

By product - Click this button and then click toggle to select a specific product and how it has been consumed by the people who have purchased it.


Read - The number of people who have read at least one page of your ebook (in PDF or EPUB form), on their desktop or laptop computer. This does not count consumption of the ebook on a mobile device within the Gumroad Library app

Watches - The number of times a video file has been opened from a Gumroad download page, using our Watch feature.

Listens - The number of times an audio file has been opened from a Gumroad download page, using our Listen feature

Downloads - The number of times a file has been downloaded on desktop via a Gumroad download page. 

Mobile - The number of times a readable file (PDF or EPUB), audio, or video file has been opened in the Gumroad Library app for customers.

For context, here's an example of a download page on desktop that we are pulling this data from:

Glossary Pt. 2: Per file

In the Per file section of your analytics dashboard, you can track the exact consumption rates of every file you sell. Remember, to see the files in a specific product, select that product from the dropdown menu under the By product button above.

Each column (Web, Downloads, and Mobile) gives you the unique or total consumption numbers of each product file. Toggle between Unique and Total at the top of your dashboard to get a better sense of how your customers are engaging with these files.

Remember, Total will include the download numbers of individual customers who have clicked "download" on these files multiple times, for whatever reason (perhaps their hard drive crashed and they needed to re-download a file, maybe their computer died mid-download so they had to begin again) so don't be alarmed if the number of downloads is higher than the total number of customers on a product. 

The consumption chart

Click the name of each file you see in the list. A graph will pop up, showing you the retention rate of each product.


In the above example, we see how 17 web readers and 5 mobile readers consumed a 20-page PDF ebook file.

Do you see the spike at page 11? That's due to navigation selections by readers. If someone jumps ahead in the reader by using an EPUB file's table of contents or by using the sliding navigation tool in Gumroad's read feature, that will be reflected in consumption chart by a spike at that page. So, in the PDF above, readers appear to be navigating to page 11, and also to page 6, from the first page of the ebook. 


We don't have data for these filetypes yet, but when we do we'll get everything in order on this page!

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