Gumroad Discover

Every day, we see amazing creators doing what they love and selling their work directly to their audiences. Many are making great livings, and thousands more are on their way.

However, so many creators have creative talent and drive... but no audience.

With Gumroad Discover, we can help you grow beyond your friends and core followers to a much wider group of people who care about you and your work. Over time, we’ll be able to refine and cross-pollinate creators' audiences in a way that will let you focus even more on creating, and your audience will continue to grow as we surface your work to the right people.

We believe that Gumroad Discover will prove to be a great tool for helping you get on your way to making a living doing what you love.

What is Gumroad Discover?

Gumroad Discover works by recommending your products to buyers of related work from other creators after they’ve made a sale.

Recommended products will show up in three different places:

1) On receipts

2) On download pagesImage title

3) At, which is searchable

How does it work?

It just works! If you have Gumroad Discover turned on (this is the default), your products will be recommended to other customers on their receipt and download pages, and will be searchable at Your customers will also see recommended products (both your products and related products) after they've made a purchase from you.

When you're publishing a product for the first time, you'll be asked to add some categories and tags to your products. This helps us recommend your products to an audience with more relevancy. And it will lead to more sales and customers for you! So we highly recommend it. 

If you turn Gumroad Discover off ( visit your settings page to do so), your products will not show up on customer's receipts, on downloaded pages, or at Your customers will not be recommended products (your products or anyone else's products) after they make a purchase. 

What's the fee?

Products purchased by new customers via Gumroad Discover— on receipts, download pages, and at— will be subject to an additional 10% fee. We believe that’s a fair and small price for selling your work to people who weren’t in your audience before (but who then become part of it!).

The fee for products sold by you directly to your audience and outside of the Gumroad Discover feature will remain at whatever your fee rate is.

How do I disable Gumroad Discover?

If Gumroad is just a small tool in your toolbox, and if you’re fine with your audience growth strategy, definitely feel free to remove it. Simply go to your settings page and turn off Gumroad Discover. 

If you disable Gumroad Discover, your customers will not be shown recommendations (of your products or other creators' products) after they make a purchase from you. Likewise, your products will not show up as recommendations on the receipts and download pages of other creators' customers, and will not be searchable at

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