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Gumroad Discover recommends your products to prospective customers, helping you grow beyond your existing audience and find even more people who might be interested in your work.

Discover eligibility

The best way to see if your product is on Discover, or why it might not be, is to visit your Discover Eligibility Dashboard:

This dashboard goes through a checklist of the steps that must be fulfilled for your products to show up on Discover. The criteria for being eligible for Gumroad Discover is:

1) Reach a balance of at least $10 USD from enough genuine sales (not self-purchases or asking your partner/housemates to buy your product).

2) Be verified by our risk team in the risk review process, which can take on average3 weeks after your first sales are made.

Setting product categories and tags

To help customers find your products, use categories and tags. When you create a product, you can select your preferred category and add tags on its Share tab.

To add a tag to your product,  scroll down to the Gumroad Discover section.

Detailed tags on your products can both boost sales on Discover and help your customers filter your profile. By default, Discover is enabled for all your products. You can turn this off on your product edit page under the Share tab by deleting the product category. 

Increase Sales on Discover with tags

Here’s how tags are displayed within each category on Discover:

Think about how your customers would search for your product and add tags to help them find it. The more descriptive and specific your tags are, the better chance you’ll have to attract new customers. 

Filter your product by tag

  1. Add tags to all of your products. 
  2. Enable product filters from your profile at [username]
  3. Send customers to your profile page URL with the tag added to the URL. To do that, simply take: [Your profile URL] + ?sort=page_layout&tags=[tag]

For example, if we wanted to link customers solely to the "Tutorial" products by the Gumroad creator Matkat Music, then the URL would look like this:

NSFW tag

If your product is NSFW, be sure to tag it by setting the toggle. Then, we will only display it to customers who opt in to see adult content. If your customers can’t see your adult content on Discover, they will need to opt in by enabling the ‘Show NSFW’ toggle when searching:

Improved Product Placement

You can improve the placement of your products on Gumroad Discover by agreeing to an increased Discover fee. These promotional fees are only charged when a sale occurs after it was found on Discover, but does not apply to any sales made to the product outside of Discover.

To enable this feature for a given product: 

  1. Toggle on the button under Gumroad Discover on the Share Tab
  2. Input your desired Discover fee

Don’t forget to save your changes! Your product will start moving up in the rankings with new sales.

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