Customizing Your Product

The Options Tab

After you have created a product, you can move to your Options tab to customize further. Just don't forget to save your changes!

Custom URL

We allow you to customize your products' URLs (for example, changing one from to by simply typing over the grey text. You can change this at any time, and the default link provided by Gumroad (yPJu in this case) will always work. Click Save changes to make your product's URL go live.

Limit product sales

You can limit total sales of a product to a certain amount (for example, if you only want to sell a thousand copies). You can also limit sales to certain countries.


You can use variants to sell multiple versions of a product from a single page (for example, T-shirt sizes and/or colors). Variants are accessible from a product's edit page. Variants are typically used for physical goods, but you can also use them as a way to deliver different filetypes, or create tiered products. 

Check out this articleto learn more about creating tiered products. 

Variants add a click-down menu onto your payment form that forces your customers to choose which specific variety they'd like to purchase.

As customers buy your product the quantity will decrease (if specified) to make sure you don't sell more than you have in stock. If the limit is reached, new customers won't see that option. This information is available at any time as part of your sales records. Check out our Humongous Variant Guide to learn more.


Offers allow you to set up discounts for your products. You can distribute them to your customers by sending them the code, or as a URL that automatically includes the discount.

They are great for targeting a subset of your fans, like your newsletter subscribers, or taking advantage of a special occasion (your birthday!) or current event (charitable cause for a natural disaster).

Offers can be dollar amount-based or percentage-based. Click the $ or % icons to toggle between the two. You can also limit your code's usage if you choose (for example, so that the first 50 get $10 off). Check out our Ultimate Guide to Offers here to learn how to create offer codes and even free products!

License Keys

Many Gumroad creators who sell software use our License Key feature to issue different levels of access to specific customers. Our licensing setup makes it easy for you to:

  • Create different levels of licenses for your software (team vs. individual)
  • Authenticate, verify, and revoke licenses at your discretion
  • Issue and reissue licenses to customers

We made the license key feature as open-ended as possible, so you can customize it to your heart's delight. Read through our guide to licenses. If it doesn't make sense to you - i.e. you do not have experience with curl (not the kind on your head), unfortunately we will not be able to help you with this feature.

Learn about our API here, and get up to snuff with curl here

To use licenses, first go to your advanced settings and turn on your developer settings.

Custom fields

Collect additional information from your customers using custom fields. For example, their phone number, Github username, or expectations for your product. Learn how to create custom fields here.

This information is available at any time as part of your sales records, so you can get a list of your customers and corresponding addresses for physical fulfillment.

You can also use Ping to integrate this information automatically into another system. Or check out our growing list of third party integrations!

PDF stamping

Add a unique-to-customer stamp to your work with PDF stamping. For any PDF on Gumroad, you can turn on stamping by clicking "Update product" on its edit page.

The PDF stamp will add the buyer's email address and a special graphic to the first page of your PDF.

To see how it'll look on your own product, go to its page and do a test purchase (you won't be charged) — you'll see your product the same way your future customers will.

Stream Only & Subtitles

Filmmakers and creators with video files love Gumroad's stream-only feature, which prohibits customers from downloading your product. After uploading a video file, Gumroad will automatically offer you the option of setting your product to only be streamable. You can also choose to upload subtitle files to any video file. Learn more about Subtitles.

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