Customizing Your Product

After you have added a product, you can customize it at any time by clicking on your product's name in your Products page.

Adding a custom URL

We allow you to customize your products' URLs (for example, changing to by simply typing over the grey text in the box underneath your product description editor box.

You can change this link at any time, and the default link provided by Gumroad (lKblT, in this case) will always work. Click Save changes to make your product's URL go live.

Set a thumbnail for your product

You can have a distinct image to be your product's thumbnail. These will show up on customer's libraries (web and mobile), Gumroad Discover, and–most importantly–your profile page! This way you can have a separate cover image that sells your product effectively and have a thumbnail that represents it well in a browsing context. Yay!

Limit product sales

You can limit total sales of a product to a certain amount (for example, if you only want to sell a hundred copies of your book) under the Settings box in the product's edit page.


You can sell multiple versions of one product from a single page (for example, T-shirt sizes, colors, or different filetypes). Add versions in the Edit tab of your product under the Versions box.

Versions add a click-down menu onto your payment form that requires your customers to select an option before they purchase.

Discount codes

Add discount codes for your product in the Checkout tab. You can send the code directly to your customers or send them a URL that automatically includes the discount (to find this URL, click the Share button in the text box).

Discount codes can be dollar amount-based or percentage-based. Click the "$ off" or "% off" button in the Amount off box to toggle between the two. You can also limit your code's usage if you choose (for example, so that the first 50 customers get $10 off). You can also use discount codes to offer free products. You can learn more about discount codes here.

License Keys

Many Gumroad creators who sell software use our license key feature to issue different levels of access to specific customers. Our licensing setup makes it easy for you to:

  • Create different levels of licenses for your software (team vs. individual)
  • Authenticate, verify, and revoke licenses at your discretion
  • Issue and reissue licenses to customers

We made the license key feature as open-ended as possible so you can customize it to your needs. Learn about our API and read about curl to help you get started. 

To turn on the license key feature, click the Generate a unique license key per sale toggle under the Settings box on the Edit tab.

Custom fields

To collect additional information from your customers, add custom fields in the Checkout tab under Payment form. Under Additional fields, add the placeholder text for the information you want to collect (for example, Phone number, Github username, etc.) and choose whether the field is optional or required. To add more fields, click Add custom field. 

You can choose from three kinds of custom fields: Text, Checkbox, and Terms (If you want your customers to accept your TnCs before purchasing).

Click on the Delete button to delete any of the additional fields, and save your changes to see them live. Once saved, the additional fields will show up on the checkout form to your audience:

You can also use Ping to integrate this information automatically into another system. Or check out our growing list of third party integrations!

PDF stamping

Add a unique-to-customer stamp to your work with PDF stamping. For any PDF on Gumroad, you can turn on PDF stamping by clicking the Stamp PDFs with the buyer's information checkbox in the Settings section of the Product tab after you've uploaded your PDF.

The PDF stamp will add the buyer's email address and a special Gumroad graphic to the bottom-right of the first page of your PDF.

To see how it'll look on your own product, go to its page and do a test purchase (you won't be charged) — you'll see your product the same way your future customers will.

Stream Only & Subtitles

Gumroad's stream only feature prohibits customers from downloading your video product. After uploading a video file, select the Disable file downloads toggle in the product's settings to prevent customers from downloading video files. You can also choose to upload subtitle files to any video file by clicking the CC button next to the file name. 

Check out our free example video product!

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