Creating a Membership

From your Products dashboard, click New product. Choose Membership.

Add a name and a monthly price. When you're ready, click Next: Customize. 

On the Product tab, you can add a description, a cover image, a summary, and any additional details. You can also upload as many files as you'd like in the Content box. All of the files you add will be accessible to customers once they become members. You can also add any product versions, limit product sales, or generate a unique license key for each sale in the Settings box.

If you want members to lose access to their files after their memberships end, click the Members will lose access when their memberships end toggle. 


For membership products, the default billing rate is monthly. You can also offer pricing options for every 3, 6, and 12 months. Type over the grey font in a box to set a price for that payment option. Once you've set a price, the green checkmark will appear, signaling that this payment option is now "live." Simply click the green checkmark to turn off that payment option.

Toggle Default payment frequency to change the option that your customers see. 


If you wish to create tiers for your membership, where different tiers cost different amounts of money, and members at different tiers receive different types of products or services, see our article on tiers here

Creating fixed-length memberships

To create a fixed-length membership, click the Automatically end memberships after a number of months toggle and type the amount of months you'd like your membership to continue.

Please note that the number you enter must be a multiple of the payment options you are offering on the product. So, if you are offering a yearly payment option, you can't set the membership to end after 13 months. 

Adding new files to your membership

If your membership product has been published and purchased, and you add a new file to it, you will see a window that prompts you to send a quick, basic message to your customers, letting them know that the product has been updated. 

Clicking the green Send to the previous customer button will automatically redirect you to a new Post, which has been auto-filled with some sample text. Edit the text as much as you like, then click Send. 

You can also send out automated, scheduled emails to your customers using the Workflows feature. These emails will also show up in your customers' Gumroad libraries and be saved there. These emails are sent out based on the time of purchase, so that each customer can have the same experience.

How it works for customers

Your customers can create a Gumroad account when they purchase from you and access all your product updates from their Gumroad Library. They will also be able to use our mobile apps to view the Membership's files and posts. Cancelling can be done from their email receipts as well as their Library. 

If they don't create a Gumroad account, they will only receive product updates from you via Posts. If they decide later to create an account, they will still see all their product updates in their Library. 

You can cancel your customers' memberships, refund them for specific payment installments, or resend their receipts in the Customers dashboard. 

When a Membership is cancelled, the customer will have access to the content up until the Membership was going to be renewed. 

Restrictions of Memberships

  • You cannot change your billing currency after you have created your membership.
  • You cannot change the price of your membership to affect existing subscribers. Price changes only affect future subscribers.
  • You cannot delay payments on subscriptions - i.e. where customers buy the membership on a launch date in March but do not pay until May. The date of purchase is the date of purchase.
  • You can not create temporary discounts on memberships. If you create an offer code, it applies to all payments on your membership, it will not only apply to the first payment.
  • You cannot offer partial refunds on membership products.
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