Does Gumroad offer upsells?


Not yet, at least. 

Please follow our blog to find out about our new feature releases! You can also look at the upcoming features in our Product Roadmap.

In the meantime, try looking into the following features to help sell more of your products to your customers: 

  1. Gumroad Discover: An optional feature, this allows you to show other similar products (created by you and by other Gumroad creators) after each sale.
  2. Gumroad Ping: With some coding chops, you can use our Ping feature to automatically handle specific tasks - send emails to your customers, tweet at them, add their email address to your mailing list on Mailchimp, etc. etc.
  3. Workflows: Set up a post-sale workflow to thank your customers and let them know about other products that you offer. Send them offer codes and incentives for buying more products from you.
  4. Creating pricing tiers with Versions: Upload all of the files you want associated with this product, and then create different priced versions of that same product for customers to buy from.
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