Is Gumroad for Me?

Gumroad is for independent writers, designers, software developers, musicians, artists, teachers, filmmakers, and anyone in-between.
Simply, if you're a creator — Gumroad is for you.

Not ready to start selling?

Don't worry - we built the 30 Day Challenge just for you! This deliriously fun and informative program provides you with tips and tricks every day for a month, challenging you to grow your audience and get selling in under 30 days. 

We also recommend reading through the Help Center, seller stories on our blog, and our terrific Resource Center to get inspired and learn more about the process. You can also sign up for a free webinar to learn the ropes of Gumroad. 

Without the hassle and costs of selling within a marketplace, Gumroad enables you to sell directly to your audience — just like you talk to them. It's quick to integrate Gumroad onto your website, sell on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and through your own email newsletter. And it's even faster to buy. 

Learn more about the customer experience on Gumroad

Simple Setup, Simple Sales

With a flat fee (5% + $0.25) that is deducted from each sale, and a stunning, intuitive interface, once you create an account you can be selling products on Gumroad in minutes. 

With the Gumroad platform, you’re not limited to selling individual products or files. You can create bundled products, subscription and membership products that charge recurring fees, pre-orders, and issue license keys.

Send customers directly to a single product’s payment page, or to your Profile page, where they can buy multiple products at once. Create offer codes, free products, and automated workflows to stay in touch with your customers and build relationships long after their initial purchase. 

Even if you don’t have products to sell, you can use the Audience feature to build a mailing list and enthusiasm for your work. When you’re ready to get selling, just publish your product, send out a link, and wait for the sales to roll in.

Who Can Use Gumroad?

If you live in a country where you can receive payments through PayPal, you can use Gumroad.

We support direct bank deposits in the United States. We pay all the necessary fees to move money into your PayPal account. From there, PayPal may deduct fees for withdrawals.

Learn more about getting paid.


We take security very seriously. All credit card information is processed in a PCI-compliant environment, certified by an independent auditor, and your payout information will never see the light of day.

Not only are your account details kept secure, private, and encrypted, but your customers’ information is processed with the highest possible security standards.

Every purchase on Gumroad takes place on an encrypted HTTP Secure connection. We will only store sensitive information if a customer creates an account. Creating an account enables us to remember their payment information for future transactions — making future purchases a snap.

Your customers' download links are also secure. The download links expire after one use, and require verification before another download happens. We tag customers’ computers to make sure that they only have to verify their identity if they are on a different computer than the one they bought the product with.

For authors, we offer PDF Stamping, and if you're a filmmaker, check out our Rentals and Streaming-only features. 

What We Can't Help You Sell

There are a few things that Gumroad can't be used for. For context on our restrictions, please see What Can't I Sell On Gumroad? 

For a full list of what we don't allow, please refer to our List of Prohibited Goods. By all means, please contact us with any questions that you have about the products you are selling. 

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