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  • US sales tax on Gumroad

    Disclaimer: This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns about tax reporting. Also, this article intends to

  • Sales tax on Gumroad

    Disclaimer: This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns about tax reporting. In the USA Gumroad is required to

  • EU & UK VAT on Gumroad

    Disclaimer: This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns about tax reporting. Gumroad handles VAT on behalf of

  • Indirect taxes on sales via Gumroad Discover

    Sales originating from Gumroad Discover may be subject to an indirect tax (VAT, GST, Sales Tax) based on the customer’s tax jurisdiction and requirements there. In some cases, these jurisdictions may

  • Australian GST on Gumroad

    If you live in Australia and buy/sell things, chances are GST is a real headache. The question is, how do you apply it to sales made on Gumroad? The simple answer: You don't have to worry about it!

  • Selling physical products

    In this article: Create a physical product Collect sales tax Add variants and SKUs Reassign a customer to a different variant Manage shipping destinations Best practices After-sales service Sending

  • Account settings

    In this article: Settings User Details Notifications Support Email Language and Time Zone Currency Sales Tax Payments Password Advanced Settings Settings To make sure any changes you make to your

  • Adding PayPal to checkout

    In this article: Overview Set up Payouts page Refunds Chargebacks Sales tax and payment details Sales tax refunds Affiliates and PayPal Connect Privacy NSFW accounts PayPal account under review

  • The sales analytics dashboard

    In this article: Terms to know Diving into the data Referrers Locations Exporting a customer sales CSV Once you've started accruing sales, you'll want to learn more about your customers and where

  • Using Gumroad and Printful

    In this article: Connecting Gumroad and Printful Authorize Printful to use your Gumroad account Wait (just a few seconds) while Printful imports your products Assign products and upload print files

  • Affiliates on Gumroad

    In this article: Your Affiliates - How does it work? Adding a new affiliate Method 1: Adding affiliates manually Method 2: Let affiliates sign up on their own Editing Adding offer codes Tracking

  • Does Gumroad issue form 1099-K and 1099-MISC?

    Disclaimer: This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns about tax reporting. In this article: Will I get a

  • Gumroad mobile app

    In this article: Download the app Track your sales Access your Library The Gumroad mobile app lets you track your sales on Gumroad and access any purchases you’ve made from the Library right on your

  • Becoming an affiliate on Gumroad

    In this article: Getting started Gumroad Affiliate Program Sticky affiliate links Reasons you might not be credited for a sale Can the affiliate links be shortened/personalized? How to verify that

  • The sales dashboard

    In this article: Search and Filter Customer drawer Discover or Offer codes Edit a customer's email address Tiers, versions, and variants Manage license keys Shipping information Ratings Delete a

  • Checkout customization

    In this article: Offering discounts Add custom fields More like this recommendations Creating an Upsell Offering discounts By providing discounts on your product, you can run a sale or offer your

  • Gumroad's fees

    Gumroad’s fees are simple When you make a sale, we charge a 10% flat fee. This does not include: Credit card processing PayPal fees You can find the fees for Credit card processing (Stripe) here and

  • How Gumroad works for customers

    In this article: Buying on Gumroad without an account Receipts and Invoices VAT for your customers Credit and Debit card payments Paypal payments Making a test purchase Buying on Gumroad without an

  • Getting paid by Gumroad

    In this article: Payout modes Get paid to your bank account Get paid to Stripe Get paid to PayPal Other payout modes Payout schedule Enable payments via PayPal The account review process How you get

  • The payouts dashboard

    In this article: Navigating the Payouts dashboard PayPal payouts Credits Bank withdrawals Understanding the payout period Account under review Navigating the Payouts dashboard The payouts dashboard

  • Connect your Stripe account to Gumroad

    In this article: Connect with Stripe Get paid to Stripe Issue refunds Manage disputes Disconnect your Stripe account Connecting your Stripe account allows you to receive payments directly to your

  • Filling out payout settings

    Requirements: You must be 18 or older or get permission to use your legal guardian’s details. Use your full legal name (including any middle name) and/or full business name. Must use a physical

  • Payout delays

    Ideally, creators are paid out every Friday for all sales not made through PayPal ( here's a refresher on how payouts work). But there are a variety of reasons why a payout could be delayed. If your

  • Account suspension FAQ

    In this article: Summary Terms of Service Violation High Risk & Fraudulent Sales High Chargeback Amounts Your account was rejected by our partners Frequently Asked Questions The short of it We've

  • Gumroad Discover

    In this article: Discover eligibility Setting product categories and tags Increase Sales on Discover with tags Filter your products by tag NSFW tag Improved Product Placement Gumroad Discover

  • Customers not receiving emails

    To view whether or not a customer has received the emails you've sent, go to your Sales dashboard and select the name of your customer to open up their customer drawer. If you see a Send missed

  • Singaporean GST on Gumroad

    If you live in Singapore and buy/sell things, chances are GST is a real headache. The question is, how do you apply it to sales made on Gumroad? The simple answer: You don't have to worry about it!

  • Adult content on Gumroad

    In accordance with the policies of our payment processing partners, including Stripe and PayPal, we do not allow sales of the sexually explicit content. What is sexually explicit? Sexually explicit

  • Why choose Gumroad?

    Gumroad is perfect for anyone who makes and sells products. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, SaaS developers, educators (and all in-between) can sell on Gumroad to a worldwide audience. Simple setup,

  • What currency does Gumroad use?

    Gumroad processes all transactions in United States Dollars. That means that you have the flexibility to display your products in the currency of your choosing (see below). However, during the

  • Fraudulent purchases

    In this article: What is fraud? How do we prevent fraud? So you got an email… What this means What do I, a creator, have to do? What if we're wrong? Can I block customers on my own? This article aims

  • Testing a purchase

    WARNING: Don't use your credit card to purchase your own a test purchase instead! Once you've created a product, you can run a test purchaseto see what your customers will experience when

  • Product ratings and reviews

    In this article: Get customers to leave a rating View your ratings Organize products by rating on your profile How to remove ratings Customers can rate your products 1-5 stars and leave a written

  • The products dashboard

    In this article: Products you have created Archive a product Products you are affiliated to Products you have created The “Products dashboard” allows you to create new products, see product

  • Defining fraud on Gumroad

    In this article: What constitutes "fraud" Why we suspend and disable accounts Why was my account permanently suspended? What constitutes "fraud" We can't actually provide a thorough definition of

  • Setting up versions on a digital product

    In this article: Add a version Add different content to your versions Share a version Reorder versions Delete a version Reassign a customer to a different version You can sell different versions of a

  • Issuing a refund

    In this article: Full refund Partial refund PayPal refund After issuing a refund Handling negative balances Refund fees Full refund Go to your Sales dashboard and click on the sale to open the

  • Having multiple accounts

    In this article: Transferring products or customers Transferring purchases Transferring ownership of account Yes, you can have as many Gumroad accounts as you want, and they can pay out to the same

  • Deleting a Gumroad account

    Account deletions are permanent and cannot be reversed. Before you delete your account, we highly recommend that you: Change your account’s email address if you’d like to use it with a different

  • Gumroad Day

    Artwork by Gumroad creator Kyle T Webster Gumroad first went live on April 4, 2011, and we are celebrating our 13th birthday by lowering our fees from 10% to 0%. That means for the full day of April

  • Things not allowed on Gumroad

    While Gumroad allows for a huge variety of products to be sold, we do have to delete products from time to time, and we suggest all new creators read through this list to make sure their accounts are

  • "Pay what you want" pricing

    In this article: Suggest a Price Create a free product To allow your customers to name their own price for your product, simply enter "0+" as the price. Your customers can enter "0" to pay nothing,

  • Cancel customer memberships

    To cancel an individual customer's membership, simply head to your Sales dashboard, search for their name or email, and click Cancel Subscription. If the customer subscribed to your membership for

  • Zapier integrations with Gumroad

    Zapier is a tool used by many Gumroad creators to help integrate their Gumroad stores into other applications, or automate their post-sale tasks (like adding customers to a mailing list, or sending

  • Purchasing Power Parity

    In this article: Enabling Purchasing Power Parity Retrieve PPP prices via API Customer Integrity Purchasing power parity (PPP) lets Gumroad creators set up dynamic discounts based on where the

  • Unpublish or delete a product

    In this article: How to unpublish a product How to delete a product After deleting the product Deleting a membership product How to unpublish a product To unpublish a product, Go to your Product's

  • Creating an Upsell

    Offering an upsell at checkout Upsells allow you to suggest additional products to your customer at checkout. You can either nudge them to purchase an upgraded version, replace the product with

  • Third-party analytics

    Google Analytics Cross-domain tracking Domain verification for Meta/Facebook Meta Pixel Snippets Google Ads Twitter TikTok Google Analytics Google ended support for Universal Analytics on July 1,

  • Chargebacks on Gumroad

    In this article: What’s a chargeback? Why do they happen? When chargebacks occur Understanding the Dispute form The timeline of a chargeback Multiple chargebacks Reverse chargebacks vs repurchasing

  • Can I sell services?

    Yes, you can sell services on Gumroad, but only for specific kinds. The Gumroad customer experience is designed to be a 1:1 transaction. You pay money, and you get a product immediately - a PDF,