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  • US sales tax on Gumroad

    We know that calculating and collecting sales tax can be difficult, so we've created this page to try to make it as easy as possible to understand. Although we can't promise that dealing with sales

  • Sales tax on Gumroad

    Before selling on Gumroad, you should speak to your tax attorney or accountant to ask them what your liability may be for selling on Gumroad. You can direct them to our Term of Service for a better

  • VAT on Gumroad

    Spoiler Alert: you don't have to worry about it. In 2015, the EU made a major change to its VAT regulations that require businesses to pay VAT according to the locations of consumers. This was meant

  • Australian GST on Gumroad

    If you live in Australia and buy/sell things, chances are GST is a real headache. The question is, how do you apply it to sales made on Gumroad? The simple answer: You don't have to worry about it!

  • Selling physical products

    How to add a physical product From your Products dashboard, click New product on the top-right and then Classic. After you name it and give it a price, click the This product contains one or more

  • Account settings

    Settings Any time you change something in your settings, be sure to save changes by clicking the Update Settings button at the bottom of the screen to ensure all changes are made permanent. User

  • The sales analytics dashboard

    Once you've started accruing sales, you'll want to learn more about your customers and where they came from to help you reach out in the right places. We've designed our analytics platform to make it

  • Using Gumroad and Printful

    What is Printful? Printful is an industry-leading print-on-demand drop shipping service with fulfillment centers in North America and Europe. Use Printful to print your custom design on t-shirts,

  • Gumroad affiliates

    Part of our mission of helping creators connect directly to their following is seeing where and how we can improve those connections. It’s not always as simple as A to B. Sometimes C helps A get to

  • PayPal Connect

    In this article: Countries eligible Context What this means for you Balance Page Refunds Chargebacks Tax and Compliance VAT and PayPal Connect Affiliates and PayPal Connect Privacy NSFW Accounts

  • Does Gumroad issue form 1099K and 1099-MISC?

    This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your tax advisor with any questions or concerns around tax reporting. Will I get a 1099-K? Do you meet all of the

  • The Gumroad Dashboard App

    What is the Gumroad Dashboard app? If you are an existing Gumroad creator, the Gumroad Dashboard app lets you track your daily, monthly, and all-time sales totals on Gumroad, right from your phone.

  • Becoming a Gumroad affiliate

    Gumroad is a great place for you to make some side income, even if you're not actively creating your own products. As an affiliate on Gumroad, you can promote the work of other creators and get paid.

  • The audience dashboard

    erstwhile called the 'Customers Dashboard' Interacting with and serving your audience is an important part of running your business. Every time a new customer purchases a product from your Gumroad,

  • Getting paid by Gumroad

    In this article Setting up your Payouts and your first payout Direct Deposit Payouts PayPal Payouts Currency PayPal Connect Risk Review Pay Day! Understanding the Payouts page Your Analytics

  • Designing a product’s checkout

    The “Checkout” tab is where you can edit what customers see during the checkout process. As you edit the checkout form, you'll also see a live preview on the right side of the screen. Click the

  • Gumroad's fees

    Since October 1, 2021, a new simplified fee structure is applicable to all creators selling with Gumroad! You can find all the details on our Pricing page or keep reading for a thorough rundown of

  • How Gumroad works for customers

    Customers do NOT need an account to buy on Gumroad A customer can purchase on Gumroad with or without an account. If they choose to create an account, they can do so before or after their purchase.

  • Gumroad Discover

    Gumroad Discover recommends your products to prospective customers, helping you grow beyond your existing following and find even more people who care about your work. Discover eligibility By

  • Payout delays

    Ideally, creators are paid out every Friday for all sales not made through PayPal (here's a refresher on how payouts work). But there are a variety of reasons why a payout could be delayed. If your

  • Filling out payout settings

    The payout settings of your account, often referred to as "the magic zone," are where you tell Gumroad where to send your money. If you live in a country with ACH payouts, it's also where you get

  • The payouts dashboard

    In this article: Navigating the Payouts dashboard PayPal payouts Understanding the payout period Account under review Navigating the Payouts dashboard The payouts dashboard lists each payout broken

  • Account suspension FAQ

    The short of it We've added this section to make everything as clear and concise as possible, because there are a lot of scary stories floating around about account suspensions: Before your first

  • Is Gumroad for me?

    Gumroad is for artists and creators: writers, designers, software developers, musicians, educators, comic artists, filmmakers, and anyone in-between. If you make stuff, you can sell that stuff –

  • Adult content on Gumroad

    The TLDR of this article: 1) We do allow adult content on Gumroad, but not porn. 3) If you sell adult content, it takes us longer to review your account, so you need to make at least 6-10 sales to

  • What currency does Gumroad use?

    Gumroad processes all transactions in United States Dollars. That means your items can be displayed in one of the many currencies we offer (see below), but ultimately we charge your customers the

  • Global affiliates

    Global affiliates You can now become an affiliate for any product on Gumroad. Instead of reaching out to each creator individually, becoming a global affiliate allows you to generate affiliate links

  • The products dashboard

    The Products Dashboard is where you can see a summary of all the products you've created as a creator, and all the products you are an affiliate for! You can navigate to this page by clicking on

  • Testing a purchase

    WARNING: Don't use your credit card to purchase your own a test purchase instead! Once you've created a product, you can run a test purchase of it to see what your customers will

  • Adding tags to products

    To add a tag to your product, go to the Share tab on your product's edit page and scroll down to the Gumroad Discover section: Detailed tags on your products can both boost sales on Discover and help

  • Fraudulent purchases

    Like a community theatre production of "12 Angry Men," the Internet, while overall a noble endeavor, is chock-full of bad actors. The purpose of Gumroad is to help creators make money online without

  • Adding a product

    On this page: Choose a new product type Give your product a name Set a price Describe your product Product URL Add a cover image Set a thumbnail Provide additional product info Integrations Changing

  • Issuing a refund

    Issuing refunds through Gumroad is – aside from the loss of money – absolutely painless. Go to your Audience Dashboard and locate your customer by searching for their email address or filtering by

  • Defining fraud on Gumroad

    As a company we assist creators in earning a living doing what they love; part of that assistance warrants actions and engagements with partners that are regulated by federal and state regulatory

  • Things not allowed on Gumroad

    We want Gumroad to be a platform that makes it possible for creatives to make a living doing what they love. You can help us keep the Gumroad community safe by selling only your original creations

  • Product ratings on Gumroad

    With Gumroad's rating feature, customers can give your products 1-5 stars after their purchase. Ratings were among our most-requested features, and in 2019 they were at long last built into the site.

  • Zapier integrations with Gumroad

    Zapier is a tool used by many Gumroad creators to help integrate their Gumroad stores into other applications, or automate their post-sale tasks (like adding customers to a mailing list, or sending

  • Marking a physical product as shipped

    At this point, you have set up your physical product, published it, and made sales. When you have sold a physical good and successfully shipped it, you'll want to click Mark as shipped under the

  • Unpublish or delete a product

    How to unpublish a product To unpublish a product, first, go to your Product's Dashboard, select the product you'd like to unpublish, and then click the Unpublish button on the top of the page. What

  • URL parameters

    Autofill your checkout form You can optionally autofill every field within the Gumroad checkout flow using URL parameters, including: Email Pay-what-you-want price Quantity Variants and SKUs Duration

  • Can I sell services?

    The Gumroad customer experience is designed to be a 1:1 transaction. You pay money, and you get a product immediately - a PDF, Photoshop brushes, a movie, etc. A service can be defined as a one-off

  • Create a free product

    There are two ways to make a product free on Gumroad: 1. You can use our pay-what-you-want feature and set a price of $0+ for your products, allowing customers to enter “0" for the price and access

  • Having multiple accounts

    We like to think of Gumroad creators as superheroes, and like superheroes, they often have multiple identities. With that said - yes, you can have as many Gumroad accounts as you want, and they can

  • Customers not receiving posts

    To view whether or not a customer has received the posts you've sent, go to your Audience dashboard and select the name of your customer to open up their customer drawer. Select Emails to view which

  • The Gumroad Library App

    What is the Gumroad Library app? We built the Gumroad Library app to help your customers have the best mobile experience possible. The Gumroad Library app serves as a mobile version of the Gumroad

  • Chargebacks on Gumroad

    CHARGEBACK -charge-back / Noun -A great scourge inflicted by credit-processing deities upon all salesfolk and creators everywhere, feared by businesses great and small alike (but mostly small).

  • Pre-Order Products

    We're sorry to say that we've decided to deprecate pre-orders on Gumroad. They were rarely used and led to a lot of issues.We believe it's better to create a new product instead, and just be explicit

  • Setting up versions on a digital product

    Versions are different options that you can create for a digital product. The equivalent of these are Tiers for Memberships, and Variants for Physical products As an example, Versions can help you:

  • Dynamic discounts with Parity Deals

    Expanding Gumroad’s discount feature Parity Deals is a service that allows Gumroad creators to set up dynamic pricing and discounts based on the customer’s location — ensuring a price that is

  • Using workflows to send automated emails

    With the Workflows feature, you can create automatically scheduled updates that your customers will receive at designated intervals after their purchase. See what receiving a workflow is like by