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  • Can I Sell Services?

    The Gumroad customer experience is designed to be a 1:1 transaction. You pay money, and you get a product immediately - a PDF, Photoshop brushes, a movie, etc. A service can be defined as a one-off

  • How does Gumroad handle chargebacks?

    CHARGEBACK -charge-back / Noun -A great scourge inflicted by credit-processing deities upon all salesfolk and creators everywhere, feared by businesses great and small alike (but mostly small).

  • A customer is not receiving posts

    To view whether or not a customer has received the posts you've sent, go to your Customers dashboard and select the name of your customer to open up their customer drawer. Select Emails to view which

  • How to create a free product

    There are two ways to make a product free on Gumroad: 1. You can use our pay-what-you-want feature and set a price of $0+ for your products, allowing customers to enter “0" for the price and access

  • Adding a Product

    How to add a product To add a product, click Products in the navigation bar. This is where a list of all the products you add will be kept. To get started, click Add a product and select either a

  • Using Gumroad and Weebly

    If you are using Weebly to build a website, and want to integrate Gumroad's payment forms into your page, then look no further! Well, you still need to read the instructions on this page, but that's

  • Memberships

    Creating a Membership From your Products dashboard, click New product. Choose Membership. Add a name and a monthly price. When you're ready, click Next: Customize. On the Product tab, you can add a

  • Setting up Tiers on a Membership

    Membership Tiers Tiers are variations you can create for a Membership. The equivalent of these are Versions for Digital Products, and Variants for Physical products. Tiers can help you: Create levels

  • Setting up Versions on a Digital Product

    Digital Product Versions Versions are different options that you can create for a digital product. The equivalent of these are Tiers for Memberships, and Variants for Physical products. Versions can

  • The Gumroad Library App

    What is the Gumroad Library app? We built the Gumroad Library app to help your customers have the best mobile experience possible. The Gumroad Library app serves as a mobile version of the Gumroad

  • Gumroad Widgets

    Gumroad widgets allow your customers to purchase your products without leaving your website. Go to the widgets page while logged into your account, and you can create a Gumroad buy button or an

  • How to refund a customer

    Issuing refunds through Gumroad is - aside from the loss of money - absolutely painless. Simply go to your Customers dashboard and locate your customer by searching for their email address or

  • "Pay what you want" pricing

    To allow your customers to name their own price for your product, simply enter "0+" as the price. Your customers can enter "0" to pay nothing, but if they choose to pay, they have to pay at least

  • Using Workflows to send automated emails

    With the Workflows feature, you can create automatically scheduled updates that your customers will receive at designated intervals after their purchase. See what receiving a workflow is like by