Payoneer, Transferwise, and Gumroad

We get asked fairly often by new and prospective Gumroad creators whether or not they can be paid out via Payoneer or Transferwise

The answer, as of right is: 

No. We do not pay out creators via Payoneer or Transferwise

There is no wiggle room on this. The way that our bank payouts system is built, if you were to set up a Payoneer account in your payouts settings, we would not be able to pay you. Many creators have attempted this, and none of them have been paid out properly. They are forced to create new accounts, set up under a PayPal payout. 

When this changes, we will change this page and all related pages. You can keep up to date on any new Gumroad features, including changes in our payouts, here.

To summarize our rules about payouts: 

If you live (as in, have an address and the proper identification) in one of these countries, you can only be paid out to a bank account. You can also choose to connect your PayPal account to receive instant payments whenever a customer pays with PayPal 

If you live anywhere else on the planet Earth, you can only be paid out using a PayPal account. 

If we can't pay you out with PayPal, then you cannot use Gumroad. 

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