Having multiple accounts

We like to think of Gumroad creators as superheroes, and like superheroes, they often have multiple identities. 

With that said - yes, you can have as many Gumroad accounts as you want, and they can pay out to the same bank or PayPal account (depending on where you are on the globe - more info here).

Each account would have to be logged into with a unique email address, but unfortunately, you cannot share Twitter/Facebook logins across accounts. So, if you have your Twitter account connected to one account, you cannot also have it connected to your second account.

Just to make this very clear: We do not offer multiple logins for the same account. If you are sharing an account with someone else (your accountant, assistant, partner, etc.), you would both need to log in using the same credentials.

Combining products or customers

A common question creators ask is if they can combine (or transfer) their products, customers, sales and payouts history, posts, workflows, affiliates, analytics, etc., from one account to another? 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

All we can do is transfer any unpaid balance you might have from one account to another. Everything else needs to be created from scratch due to technical limitations, sorry. [1]: Unfortunately, due to the policies of Stripe, our card payment and bank payouts processor, we are not allowed to change your account's country if you are currently in an ACH payout country (a country with direct bank payouts). However, if your current balance payout method is PayPal, we can change your account's country. Contact us, and we will help you out. 

Combining purchases

Often customers get so caught up buying all the cool stuff our creators have to offer that they use multiple email addresses when purchasing. 

Unfortunately, we cannot "merge" or "combine" accounts, as mentioned above, but we can transfer your purchases to consolidate them under one email address.

If you want your purchases transferred from email A to email B, contact us from email A (so that we can verify that you own those products), mentioning that you'd like all purchases under this account moved to email B. 

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