Set a custom refund policy

You can inform your customers of a product’s refund policy before purchase; just add your policy in the product’s settings. Specify the conditions under which your customers can request a refund for your product, such as a 30-day money-back guarantee or a firm no-refund policy. This provides clarity for your customers and allows Gumroad's support team to issue refunds (or not) on your behalf. We also send these along in the case of any credit card or PayPal disputes, providing an extra layer of protection for your business.

Adding a refund policy

On the product edit page, under the Settings section of the Product tab, toggle Specify a refund policy for this product. From here, you can add a refund policy (and optional fine print) or copy a refund policy from another product to save time.

The refund policy will be shown on the product page. If fine print is provided, the policy will be clickable and the details will be displayed to the customer in a modal:

To remove the refund policy, simply switch off the toggle and save the product.

Sharing a refund policy

When the policy modal is visible on the product page, the product’s URL contains an anchor so you can share that URL with customers to send them directly to the refund policy.

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