URL Parameters

Autofill your checkout form

You can optionally autofill every field within the Gumroad checkout flow using URL parameters, including:

  • Email
  • Pay-what-you-want price
  • Quantity
  • Variants and SKUs
  • Duration for subscriptions
  • Custom fields
  • Gift option

Some example URLs:

  • gum.co/pencil?email=george@thejungle.com
  • gum.co/pencil?price=10&quantity=3
  • gum.co/pencil?variant=medium,red
  • gum.co/pencil?yearly=true
  • gum.co/pencil?Account ID=123&price=10&yearly=true
  • gum.co/pencil?wanted=true&gift=true

Save your customers time and increase your conversion to sales.

Note: This works with our overlay and embed widgets too!

Link customers directly to your payment form in Overlay

Many Gumroad creators using Overlay or linking to their product page from their websites find it useful to have the Gumroad payment form open up automatically, rather than to their product description.

To be sure, URL parameters often will not work if you are using the embed feature

To link directly to a payment form, simply add  ?wanted=true to the end of your product's URL.

For example, compare the experience when clicking:


And then https://gumroad.com/l/lKblT?wanted=true

Link your customer directly to a variant, version, or tier

To link directly to a variant, version, or tier go to your product edit page and hit the share button to the right of the title.

For example, for this product https://gumroad.com/l/lKblT the URL for the Bonus Brush Add-on option is: 


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