A customer is not receiving updates

If your customer is not receiving any updates from you, or has never received an email receipt/download link from Gumroad, it's possible that the spam/junk folder in their email client is catching emails from Gumroad, and they should first look there. Some email servers are notoriously bad when it comes to filtering spam, so in the most extreme cases, you may have to resend their receipt to a new email address.

To view whether or not a customer has received the updates you've sent, click on Customers in the top navigation bar to access your customer management dashboard. Select the name of your customer, which will open up a tab to the right. Select Emails to view which emails this customer has received and which emails they've missed (if the customer signed up for your mailing list after you sent out an update, they'll have missed that update). You can automatically send them any previous updates they've missed by clicking Send next to the email you'd like them to receive.

If your customer management dashboard shows that they have received your emails, here are some more possible reasons why they might not be getting them:


On that note, it's also possible that your customer mistyped their email address when purchasing your product. To correct this, go to your Customers Tab and search for their name or email address. Click the magnifying glass icon to begin your search.

Click their name when you find them to open their purchase information. Click the email address in this box to edit it, and correct their contact information. Click the check mark to save, then Resend Receipt. 

Please note that you won't be able to change their address if this is a subscription product. This is because subscription products require your customers to create Gumroad accounts, and we unfortunately can't allow you to control another user's account.

Perhaps They've Opted Out?

Finally, it is possible that your customer has accidentally chosen to Opt Out of emails from you. You can verify this in two ways: 

1. Nice and easy

Go to your customers tab, search for your customers name or email address. You will see a checkmark next to their name if they are set to receive updates from you.

2. Check the CSV

You can also verify this by exporting your sales CSV through the Customers tab.

In the "DO_NOT_CONTACT" column of your CSV, they will be marked by "TRUE".

To fix this, please contact us, let us know the specifics of the situation, and we will right this terrible wrong.

Their Spam Folder Ate It

When in doubt, blame the spam algorithms of Gmail, Hotmail, and all their clever friends. Unfortunately, updates sent out from Gumroad will from time to time end up in a customer's spam folder. Politely ask your customers to look in the spam folder, and they'll more often than not find it.

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