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Your Gumroad profile

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Your profile is your Gumroad home base. You can use it to introduce yourself to your audience with a profile picture and bio and build your following by collecting email addresses.

Your profile is located at where [username] is replaced with your unique username. You can also get there by clicking on your name and then the Profile button on the Gumroad navigation.

This is also where you showcase your work once you add products for sale. You can rearrange them or hide them from view right from the profile page.

Set up your profile

The image is a screenshot of a profile setup page from Gumroad.  At the top, there is a heading titled

Go to the profile settings to update the public-facing information for your customers to read, including a short bio (we’ve found that a sentence or two works best rather than overly-long descriptions of your entire career path).

You can also connect your Twitter profile which will then be linked with an icon on the profile page itself.

Customize fonts and colors

Choose from different font styles, accent and background colors to align the look of your Gumroad more closely with your branding. These settings won’t affect your product’s content, just the profile, product, and post pages and emails.

The image shows the webpage layout for

Edit the products section

Head to your public profile ( and click the three-dot menu on the left to show/hide any published products. This menu also allows you to sort your products by price, rating, recency, or in a custom order.

To set a custom order, click Products, select your Default sort order as ‘Custom’, and drag the products by selecting the 6 dots on the left side.

Product filters help customers organize and easily explore your products as they browse. Your products can be sorted, or filtered by rating and the types of files they contain. If you do not want your customers to see the filters, you can turn them off by toggling 'Show product filters'.

Note: Filters are disabled while editing to ensure you can see all the selected products. You can test them out after logging out from your account, or in a different browser/incognito window.

Create product categories

You can categorize your products in different sections on your profile. Scroll down on your profile and click the + button at the bottom to create a new category.

Give each category a name and select the products you want in it. You can choose whether to display the section's name or not, and automatically add any new products to a section (enabled by default on new sections).

When you're done, click outside and your changes will be saved automatically!

Want to delete a category? Just click the three-dot menu for that category and click Remove.

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