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Many Gumroad creators using Overlay or linking to their product page from their websites find it useful to have the Gumroad payment form open up automatically, rather than their product description.

To link directly to a payment form on a product with a set price, simply add ?wanted=true to the end of your product's URL.

For example, compare the experience when clicking: versus

If you are using the Overlay feature and have multiple products listed on your website, then you will also have to use the data-gumroad-single-product="true" attribute for ?wanted=true to work correctly. Here's an example of what that looks like.

In the words of Ben Franklin, "Now you're cooking with gas!"

You can learn more about using URL Parameters in this article, but here are some quick tips while you're here: 

Versions and Tiers

When you create a product with versions, you'll see "Share" buttons next to each option. You can click that to copy the URL, and then add ?wanted=true to the end when you share it. 

For example on this product URL:

I can link to the direct URL of the product to the URL of a specific tier (note the changes in bold):

And the payment form, with that specific tier chosen:

Note: When you are using multiple URL parameters, you'll have to separate them with an ampersand '&' symbol and not another '?'. See the example above again. 

Different payment frequencies

If you are selling a membership product, and want to link a customer to a specific recurring purchase rate, you have to first add that rate into the URL. 

So for this product, the default rate is "Monthly," as you can see:

To change that to annual, you'd add ?yearly=true to the URL, followed by &wanted=true, thus we go from:


If you wanted to throw in a specific tier in there, you'd do that first, THEN add the different rate. So, if we upgrade the example from above, it becomes...

You can use the following four frequency parameters: "monthly", "quarterly", "biannually", or "yearly".

Make sense? It seems a little daunting at first but once you get the hang of it, it's weirdly fun! Or maybe that's just my now very-easily-amused Quarantine Brain talking... 

Pay What You Want Products

Please note that this function will not as easily work with Pay What You Want products - i.e. products with a "+" in the price. That's because customers have to confirm the price that they want to pay before they are sent to the payment form. 

In order to send people to the payment form on a PWYW product, you would have to assign a price in the URL on behalf of your customers. 

You do that by first adding ?price=[price] then adding &wanted=true. You are effectively telling the customer's browser to first enter a price into the price field, then click the "Pay" button. 

For example, - this is a Pay What You Want Product. If I wanted to send customers directly to the purchase form, while paying $0, I'd do this:

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