The products dashboard

The Products Dashboard is where you can see a summary of all the products you've created as a creator, and all the products you are an affiliate for! 

You can navigate to this page by clicking on 'Products' in the vertical navbar on the left. The tab that opens by default is " All products" which shows all the products you have created on Gumroad, and then there's the "Affiliated" tab which is a list of all the products that you are allowed to sell as an affiliate.

To create a new product, just click on the pink "New product" button on the top-right.

All products

Right at the top of this section, you see four boxes, giving you:

  1. Total Revenue: This is a gross sum of all your sales on Gumroad. By "gross sum" we mean that Gumroad's fee or any affiliate fee has not been deducted from this number, only refunds and chargebacks are. Please note that what you see here is not the same as the lifetime revenue that your Gumroad fee tier is based on! Read more about that here: Gumroad's fees
  2. Customers: Total of unique customers across all your products. So, if a customer purchases three of your products, they will only be counted once in this figure. 
  3. Active Members: This is only applicable if you have any Membership products and represents the total number of active subscribers you have.
  4. MRR: The expected average monthly recurring revenue based on active members who haven't canceled their subscriptions. This figure includes both monthly charges and (annual charges / 12). Please note that this figure might not always update in real-time and a deviation of 1-2% from the live MRR is expected since we update the values in regular time intervals and not continually. We are working on improving this though!


In this section, you will see all the membership products you have on Gumroad and the number of members, revenue earned, price, and published/unpublished status for each. 

Click on the name of the Membership to go to its edit page and make changes to the product or click on the URL of the membership to see what the product page looks like to your audience.

You can read all about setting up Memberships here.

You can click the column headers (Name, Members, Revenue, Price, Status) to sort the table accordingly. While in the bottom row of the Memberships section, you will see the total of members and total revenue earned for all your memberships combined.


All your non-Membership products will be displayed here with their names, number of sales, revenue, product price, and published/unpublished status. You can click on the column headers to sort the table accordingly. In the example above, the products are listed in descending order of sales.

Just as in the Memberships section, you can click on the Product's name to go to its edit page and click on the product URL just below the name to see what it looks like to your audience or make a test purchase.

Here's an in-depth article on creating and customizing a product: Adding a Product.

Initially, you'll only see 100 products in this table, so if you have more than 100 products, scroll down and click on the "Load more" button.

And finally, you'll have the sum of the number of sales and revenue across all of your products in the bottom row.


Are you an affiliate of another Gumroad creator's products? If not, check out this help doc to get started. But if you already are, the Affiliated tab is the closest thing to a "Dashboard for Affiliates" on Gumroad. 

You'll find all the products that you are an affiliate for here, the sales you've made for each of those products, the % fee you earn for every sale (as set by the product's creator), and the total revenue. If you have misplaced the email with your affiliate links, you can get them here again by clicking the "Copy link" button. 

Please note that you cannot remove yourself as an affiliate for any product from this page yet. You'll have to contact the product's creator and ask them for that. And we also have planned some exciting features for this page to serve Gumroad affiliates better in the months to come! 

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