The products dashboard

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The “Products dashboard” allows you to create new products, see product summaries, track Discover eligibility, and view details of affiliated products as well.

Products you have created

The Products dashboard
  1. Total Revenue: Gross revenue before accounting for Gumroad's fee or any affiliate credits.
  2. Customers: Total unique customers across all your products.
  3. Active Members: Total number of active subscribers if you have membership products.
  4. MRR: The expected average ‘monthly recurring revenue’ based on active members. Please note that this figure is calculated before fees and might not always update in real time. A deviation of 1-2% from the live MRR is expected.

Archive a product

You can click the product’s name to edit it, or the three-dot menu on the right to duplicate, archive, or permanently delete a product.

The three-dot menu

Archiving helps you hide your product from most of Gumroad without deleting it completely, thus preventing adverse consequences like losing ongoing sales.

Archived products will not show while creating new discounts, upsells, or affiliates, and will be hidden from your profile. You will be able to see past sales or edit existing checkout options and affiliates for these products though.

If needed, you can unarchive them from the “Archived” tab which is visible only if you have an archived product.

Products you are affiliated to

The Affiliated tab is currently the closest thing to a "Dashboard for Affiliates" on Gumroad. 

The Affiliated dashboard

Once a Gumroad creator adds you as an affiliate, you should see the affiliated product here.

Please note that you cannot remove yourself as an affiliate for any product; you will have to contact the product's creator for that.

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