The products dashboard

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The “Products dashboard” allows you to create new products, see product summaries, track Discover eligibility, and view details of affiliated products as well.

Products you have created

  1. Total Revenue: Gross revenue before accounting for Gumroad's fee or any affiliate credits. This is not the same as the lifetime revenue that your Gumroad fee tier is based on.
  2. Customers: Total unique customers across all your products.
  3. Active Members: Total number of active subscribers if you have membership products.
  4. MRR: The expected average ‘monthly recurring revenue’ based on active members. Please note that this figure might not always update in real-time and a deviation of 1-2% from the live MRR is expected.

Products you are affiliated to

The Affiliated tab is currently the closest thing to a "Dashboard for Affiliates" on Gumroad. 

Once a Gumroad creator adds you as an affiliate, you should see the affiliated product here.

Please note that you cannot remove yourself as an affiliate for any product; you will have to contact the product's creator for that.

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